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Max Verstappen Faces Uncertain Future Should Lewis Hamilton Lose Lawsuit Against Felipe Massa, While Toto Wolff Explores Strategic Options: "We're Monitoring the Situation Closely"

While it remains a remote possibility, the potential success of Felipe Massa's lawsuit could trigger a series of revisitations of past championship controversies, all in the hope of rectifying historical decisions.

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Sainz Describes Risky Singapore F1 Strategy to Maintain Norris in DRS as "Cheeky"

Carlos Sainz, the victor of the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, considered the tactic of providing Lando Norris with a "clever DRS boost" to protect his lead as a risky move, but it was based on recent experiences that led him to trust his instincts.

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Sergio Perez Holds onto Eighth Place in Singapore Grand Prix Despite Late-Race Collision Penalty Incurring

During the Singapore Grand Prix, a tense battle unfolded between the Red Bull and Williams cars for the final points-scoring position with just four laps remaining in the race. Sergio Perez, in the Red Bull, attempted to overtake Alexander Albon's Williams on the inside of the circuit's tightest turn, turn 13.

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Verstappen Excludes Possibility of Race Victory, Citing Uncertainty Over Red Bull's Car Issues

Championship leader Max Verstappen has ruled out extending his record-breaking run of consecutive race wins in Singapore after he failed to reach Q3 in qualifying.

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Legal Team of Felipe Massa Seeks Lewis Hamilton's Support in 2008 F1 Title Case

Felipe Massa's legal representatives are hoping for the support of 2008 Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton in their efforts to challenge the outcome of the 2008 drivers' title.

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What will happen to the cost cap rule violators in F1?

The FIA finally verified on Monday, after weeks of rumors, that Aston Martin and Red Bull had over the Formula 1 cost cap last season.

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Red Bull commits a minor F1 cost cap violation, while Aston Martin violates procedure rules.

Red Bull and Aston Martin have been found guilty of violating Formula 1 cost cap regulations from the previous season, as the FIA revealed the results of its financial audit on Monday.

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2021 Mercedes financial data reflect "painful" F1 cost cap

ewly released financial numbers from the Mercedes Formula 1 team reflect the impact of the first year of what Toto Wolff called a "painful" cost cap in 2021.

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Binotto is "pessimistic" about the delay in F1 budget cap results and seeks clarification from the FIA.

Mattia Binotto, the Formula One team principal of Ferrari, desires clarification from the FIA over the reasons for delaying the 2021 budget cap results, but admits he is "pessimistic."

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At the conclusion of the 2022 F1 season, Ricciardo and McLaren will split ways

McLaren and Daniel Ricciardo have decided to part ways at the conclusion of the current Formula 1 season, ending his employment with the Woking-based team early.

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Mercedes employs financial analysts to evaluate the worth of each F1 car component

To ensure it gets the most out of each Formula One car improvement and keeps within the financial cost cap constraints this season, Mercedes employs financial engineers to evaluate it

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The five elements that led to Verstappen's unexpected F1 Hungary victory

Max Verstappen's victory in the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix was probably one of his and the Red Bull team's finest performances.

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Ferrari sees no need for F1 changes this summer at Maranello.

Mattia Binotto, Ferrari's Formula One team manager, believes "nothing will change" during the summer break despite the team's recent troubles and blunders against Red Bull.

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Vettel announces his F1 retirement after the 2022 season

Thursday, ahead of this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix, the four-time F1 world champion announced via his newly-created Instagram account that he would be retiring from the competition at the end of the season.

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On race day, Sainz cannot assist Leclerc, but Ferrari may have handed him a tire advantage.

Before arriving in France for this weekend's race at Paul Ricard, Ferrari had a clear strategy for defeating Red Bull and Max Verstappen in Saturday's qualifying.

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Why McLaren abandoned its first sidepod design

McLaren is the most recent Formula 1 team to ditch its launch sidepod arrangement as the field appears to converge on similar designs.

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Hamilton: "It will be a while" before I win if France's F1 form continues.

Lewis Hamilton believes it will be "going to be a while" before Mercedes can compete for Formula 1 victories if its qualifying performance in France continues. Mercedes qualified nearly eight tenths off the pole.

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Mercedes had no explanation for its "no performance" at the Grand Prix de France.

Mercedes has no explanation for what went wrong with its performance at Formula 1's French Grand Prix, where the W13 showed "no performance."

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Leclerc: Ferrari's first Q3 run for the French Grand Prix used improper tow tactics.

Charles Leclerc claims that Ferrari's tow strategy for the French Grand Prix failed on the first attempt in Q3 as he followed teammate Carlos Sainz through the Mistral straight chicane.

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After the Copse incident, Hamilton told Leclerc, "I didn’t want to clip you and send you off"

Lewis Hamilton informed Charles Leclerc that he was anxious to avoid colliding with the Ferrari driver as they raced wheel-to-wheel into Copse in the closing moments of the British Grand Prix.

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Ex-F1 chief Ecclestone is accused of fraud involving £400 million in international assets.

Bernie Ecclestone, a former Formula 1 promoter, has been charged with fraud by false representation involving £400 million in international assets.

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"Disappearing" skid blocks are utilized in F1's flexi floor maneuvers.

Movable skid blocks that are pushed up and disappear into the plank when the car hits the ground have evolved as an integral part of Formula 1's flexi floor maneuvers.

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In 2026, Formula 1 is "not a closed door" for Honda.

Honda has not ruled out a possible comeback to Formula 1 in 2026, and is keeping a careful eye on grand prix racing's carbon neutral future plans.

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Russell's punishment was harsh because he left more than enough room. – Mercedes

Mercedes criticize the penalty issued to George Russell for his collision with Sergio Perez in the opening lap of the Austrian Grand Prix.

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After the elimination of Q3 laps, Perez will start the Austrian GP sprint race in thirteenth position.

Sergio Perez will start the Austria Formula 1 sprint race on Saturday from 13th on the grid after all of his Q3 lap timings were nullified due to a track restrictions violation in Q2.

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“Confused” Alonso will seek clarification on the F1's racing rules.

Fernando Alonso says he is "puzzled" by Formula 1's racing rules after opponents at the British Grand Prix evaded fines for infractions he deemed to be violations.

  • 1916
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"Do something, please!" The radio transmissions that demonstrate how Leclerc lost at Silverstone

Charles Leclerc was on track to claim a much-needed victory at the British Grand Prix until the final laps, when everything went wrong for him.

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Red Bull retain Vips as a junior driver following his expulsion from the F1 team for a racial slur.

Red Bull has announced that it will continue to "support" Juri Vips despite his dismissal as a test and reserve driver for using a racial slur.

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Marko said Perez is the ideal teammate for Verstappen since he "doesn’t try to fight".

Helmut Marko, racing consultant for Red Bull, says that Sergio Perez is the ideal teammate for Max Verstappen.

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Juri Vips will retain his F2 seat after being fired by Red Bull for a racial remark.

Juri Vips will keep his Formula 2 ride despite being fired as a Red Bull junior driver for using a racial slur during a live video game broadcast.

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Why Sainz has a hard fight to end his winless record of 2,835 days at Silverstone

When Carlos Sainz Jnr Jnr crossed the line on his final attempt in Q3 at a wet Silverstone to claim his first pole position in his Formula 1 career, he ended a 2,835-day drought since his last pole position in a competitive motorsport event, which occurred at Paul Ricard during the 2014 World Series by Renault.

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Verstappen: Piquet made a mistake, but he is not racist and should not be expelled from the F1 paddock.

Max Verstappen says Nelson Piquet is “definitely not a racist” but agrees the term he used to describe Lewis Hamilton was “very offensive”.

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Masi made a mistake with the title-deciding Abu Dhabi Grand Prix restart, Horner concedes.

hristian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull, acknowledged that a mistake was made during the contentious restart of last year's Formula 1 season finale, in which Max Verstappen won the world championship.

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"Enough is enough": Hamilton's competitors respond to Piquet's racist remark

Several of Lewis Hamilton's competitors have defended him on social media after one of his fellow Formula 1 winners used a derogatory term to describe him.

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The FIA's response might "totally alter the pecking order" in Formula One.

Guenther Steiner, the team principal of Haas, believes the FIA's efforts to eliminate porpoising in Formula 1 vehicles might radically alter the championship's competitive order.

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Ferrari would rather have a quick, unreliable F1 car than the opposite.

Mattia Binotto, the Formula One team manager for Ferrari, would rather have the task of repairing an unstable but competitive car than the other way around.

  • 2024
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No "holy cows" for the Mercedes F1 car as it mulls a 2023 redesign of its concept.

Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, says that there is nothing holy about the company's Formula 1 car that will not be altered for 2023 if it cannot surpass the W13 concept.

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Red Bull's advice to Perez to "no fighting" was not a team order. – Horner

Red Bull instructed Sergio Perez not to engage in a battle with his teammate during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in order to prevent a reoccurrence of the crash that occurred between their drivers four years ago.

  • 2014
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Russell acknowledges that he "got lucky" as the Safety Car enables him to continue his streak of top-five finishes.

After starting in the twelfth position in the Miami Grand Prix, George Russell thinks he "lucked out" when a Safety Car enabled him finish fifth.

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After his third victory, Verstappen concedes that Red Bull's dependability remains hit or miss.

Following his third victory of the season, Max Verstappen asserts that Red Bull still has to address its reliability issues.

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F1 sees "no immediate need" to add an eleventh team as Andretti seeks to join the grid.

The president of Formula 1 owner Liberty Media has stated that the existing ten teams are "locked in" to their positions on the grid and that he has no plans to expand the number of teams.

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Why Ocon believed Alpine's radio instruction to assist Alonso was "impossible" to follow.

Esteban Ocon refused to comply with Alpine's instruction to back down at the conclusion of the Miami Grand Prix in order to lessen the impact of his teammate's five-second penalty.

  • 1979
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Red Bull discloses Perez came near to retiring from the F1 race in Miami

Perez was driving closely behind Ferrari's Carlos Sainz in the early parts of the race and was prepared to contend for third place when his engine failed.

  • 1933
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Mercedes will not rule out abandoning the F1 sidepod configuration after the Spanish Grand Prix.

Mercedes has not ruled out ditching its "zero-pod" concept as it confronts a crucial decision on the future of its Formula 1 vehicle following the Spanish Grand Prix.

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Ratings for 2022 Miami Grand Prix drivers

The first ever Miami Grand Prix offered plenty of challenges to the 20 Formula 1 drivers, with high temperatures, a low grip surface and plenty of walls to punish mistakes.

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