After his third victory, Verstappen concedes that Red Bull's dependability remains hit or miss.

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Following his third victory of the season, Max Verstappen asserts that Red Bull still has to address its reliability issues.

Yesterday's triumph in Miami was accomplished without incident for the world champion. However, he lost significant ground on Friday owing to technical issues, while teammate Sergio Perez lost power during the race due to a faulty engine sensor.

Verstappen stated, "There are still a few problems we must address." "We are fast, but as you can see, my Friday was dreadful, which is not ideal if you want to enjoy the weekend.

"Also, Checo had a few troubles throughout the race, so we need to be on top of that; but, the horse clearly has a great deal of promise; we just need to ensure its dependability."

Verstappen stated that the issues he had on Friday hindered his performance in qualifying. He placed third behind the Ferrari drivers on the starting grid.

"I had several problems on Friday, which ruined my weekend, especially [Saturday]," he stated. "Today everything went smoothly with the launch, but it might have gone the other way.

"Of course, you can say that again, since if you missed virtually the entire day on Friday, what can you do? Therefore, all that remains is to ensure a problem-free weekend."

However, Verstappen is glad that the Red Bull RB18 has shown to be fast, albeit not as dependable as cars from competing teams.

"Of course, we had it [reliability] in Imola, but it's still a little too hit or miss. Therefore, we must ensure that we are more dependable and on top of things.

"However, as is evident, the automobile is fast. That makes me extremely glad, since if you were both sluggish and dependable, that probably wouldn't be a good thing either."


After having "all my terrible luck on Friday," he regarded his race as "extremely smooth." At the conclusion of the race, when a Safety Car period congested the field, he came under pressure from Charles Leclerc.

"During those laps, the course was treacherous. I struggled a great deal with the chilly tires rubbing against the curbs. So navigating the chicane was not simple; I made several blunders there.

"Therefore, it was crucial to make a solid start out of the chicane and also turn 16 down the straight. However, the additional top speed we achieved today certainly helps."