Binotto is "pessimistic" about the delay in F1 budget cap results and seeks clarification from the FIA.

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Mattia Binotto, the Formula One team principal of Ferrari, desires clarification from the FIA over the reasons for delaying the 2021 budget cap results, but admits he is "pessimistic."

Binotto is "pessimistic" about the delay in F1 budget cap results and seeks clarification from the FIA.
Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin Racing may have over the $145 million budget cap for 2021, according to rumors that surfaced in Singapore last week as the FIA prepared to award compliance certificates on Wednesday.

The issue continued throughout the weekend of the Japanese Grand Prix due to the FIA's decision to delay giving the certifications until Monday. Both teams vehemently rejected the charges.

In Singapore, Ferrari's sports director Laurent Mekies stated that "maximum sanctions" must be enforced for rule violations and demanded openness from F1's regulatory body.

Saturday on Sky Italia, Ferrari team principal Binotto, who has previously voiced reservations about how the cost cap is enforced, opined that the delay demonstrated there were "uncertain and undefined aspects" in the audit.

"There are points which the FIA is contesting and the team is trying to defend itself," said Binotto.

"Regardless of what comes out, and I fear it will be snow melting in the sun, I think all these decisions, how they have interpreted the regulations, what they have granted - because they will certainly have granted something - it all comes out clearly and transparently."

Binotto stated that all parties "need to know what the discussions were" between the FIA and any interested teams, not just for the "immediate benefit" it could provide, but also to comprehend how the regulations should be interpreted.

"The rules were clear from the beginning, they were discussed," said Binotto.

"We don't understand the need to have to change them today beyond the fact that this is the first year with the budget cap.

"Because with the FIA, there have always been constant exchanges and we have always tried to clarify them.

"I am a bit pessimistic about this, but first of all, clarity and transparency from the FIA will be important."

Red Bull has maintained throughout the weekend at Suzuka that it is content with its submission and maintains certain that it complied with financial laws throughout the previous year.

"We were expecting the certificates as well on Wednesday, hoping for them on Wednesday, but that's obviously been delayed for all of the teams," Red Bull F1 boss Christian Horner said on Sky Sports on Friday.

"The FIA have obviously taken that choice. We are eager to watch what transpires on Monday.

"But again, we feel that we've absolutely complied with the cost cap, with the regulations.

"We're happy with our submission, and await to hear what the feedback is."