Max Verstappen Faces Uncertain Future Should Lewis Hamilton Lose Lawsuit Against Felipe Massa, While Toto Wolff Explores Strategic Options: "We're Monitoring the Situation Closely"

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While it remains a remote possibility, the potential success of Felipe Massa's lawsuit could trigger a series of revisitations of past championship controversies, all in the hope of rectifying historical decisions. In this scenario, the spotlight would initially fall on the crucial 2021 championship-deciding race in Abu Dhabi. Unlike the infamous "crashgate" incident, which occurred largely behind closed doors, the Abu Dhabi race played out in front of a global audience. Consequently, if Lewis Hamilton were to lose his 2008 title, Toto Wolff, as reported by The-Race, is closely monitoring the "intriguing" developments stemming from Massa's lawsuit.

At the center of the allegations in the Massa lawsuit is Bernie Ecclestone, who once suggested that Hamilton could have pursued legal action against the FIA following the controversial 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which many deemed "not very clean." However, Ecclestone later retracted his statement, asserting that Max Verstappen had won the title "fair and square." Should Mercedes decide to appeal, they could potentially risk being seen as sore losers.

Considering Formula 1's stringent regulations and the time elapsed since the events in question, the prevailing belief within the F1 community is that it's unlikely for authorities to overturn a decision made over 15 years ago. Nevertheless, in the event of unexpected developments, the first ripple effect could affect Max Verstappen. Wolff disclosed that his team is vigilantly tracking the Massa case, recognizing that it might also have implications for Mercedes.

Wolff remarked, "It will certainly set a precedent—whatever it is. We're looking from the sidelines with curiosity."

Furthermore, Wolff pointed out that the FIA had already provided a clear statement regarding the 2021 race, indicating that they are closely monitoring the situation with interest.

The pressure in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021 extended beyond the two drivers competing for the championship, impacting all involved. Following a controversial decision by Michael Masi, Max Verstappen found himself in a favorable position, nearly securing the F1 world title. Mercedes and Wolff are still seeking to compile evidence as they seek to address the perceived errors made by race control in 2021.

Regarding the Massa lawsuit, Massa's legal team has been diligently working to bolster their claims and make them as credible as possible, preparing for potential legal proceedings. One of the lawyers sought the support of Lewis Hamilton in their pursuit of "justice" related to the 2008 "crashgate" incident. However, Hamilton, who would only lose his first-ever world championship if the verdict favored Massa, declined to offer his support in the case.

Ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix, the 38-year-old Hamilton declined to delve deeply into the Massa lawsuit, expressing his desire not to engage in that conversation. He emphasized his focus on the present rather than dwelling on the past. As the Singapore GP weekend unfolded, the seven-time world champion aimed to contribute to his team's strong performance as they sought to return to their winning ways.