Red Bull discloses Perez came near to retiring from the F1 race in Miami

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Perez was driving closely behind Ferrari's Carlos Sainz in the early parts of the race and was prepared to contend for third place when his engine failed.

The issue was found to a faulty sensor that triggered an automatic shutdown of several functions, and the team's engineers had to reprogram certain components to keep him operational.

Perez was able to finish fourth despite suffering a gradual lack of power, having tried a late charge on medium tires.

Christian Horner, the Red Bull team manager, admitted after the race that the sensor issue was so severe that it was doubtful whether or not the Mexican would reach the finish line.

Horner stated that the possibility of a DNF was "pretty close" "We had to relocate the sensors to solve the problem. Therefore, we will work closely with HRC [Honda's engine division] to attempt to understand and prevent this from happening in the future."

Horner revealed that the sensor issue was with the internal combustion engine and that it was losing Perez a considerable amount of lap time.

He was unable to gain the necessary end-of-straight advantage over Sainz in order to mount a serious challenge in the final stages.

Horner continued, "He had a problem with a sensor on one of the cylinders." "The men were able to relocate the sensors, but he lost around 20 kilowatts of electricity as a result.

Even with the advantage of a new tire, he was likely half a second slower than the car's maximum straight-line speed. And I believe that without that he would have been P2."

Despite the fact that Perez's sensor issue is the latest in a spate of dependability issues that have plagued Red Bull this season, Horner does not believe the team has too lot to worry about.

He stated, "I do not believe the vehicle to be very vulnerable." "I believe there have been niggly things that you would have ordinarily observed during preseason testing that have just surfaced now that the season has begun," he added.

This is quite annoying. However, we collaborate closely with HRC, and they provide us with tremendous support. So, I believe we'll be able to resolve these issues."