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The FIA's new technical directive may impact the F1 order and generate debate.

The FIA's most recent update addressing the porpoising technical directive, which was initially presented to the teams in Canada, has postponed the introduction of limits on the intensity of any bouncing until the French Grand Prix.

  • 1943
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The FIA has issued a new technical directive to reduce "porpoising" for safety reasons.

The FIA has taken the initial steps towards lowering the 'porpoising' of Formula 1 cars, which has been a source of contention for several drivers in recent races.

  • 1977
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2021 Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Report to the World Motor Sport Council - March 19, 2022

Formula 1’s governing body the FIA have released an executive summary of the analysis they performed into the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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