“Confused” Alonso will seek clarification on the F1's racing rules.

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Fernando Alonso says he is "puzzled" by Formula 1's racing rules after opponents at the British Grand Prix evaded fines for infractions he deemed to be violations.

The Spaniard intends to seek clarity from F1's race director during the Austrian Grand Prix's Friday night drivers' briefing, since he believes other drivers have dodged fines for actions for which he has been penalized this season.

Alonso was "surprised" that Charles Leclerc escaped a penalty for what he perceived to be weaving down the straight, and he questioned Sergio Perez's ability to continue racing after leaving the track during a collision with Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton.

“I think we will bring the point tomorrow in the briefing,” said Alonso. “Honestly, I watched the race on Monday and more than the movements [of Leclerc] on the straight, I saw the action between Charles [Leclerc], Checo [Perez] and Lewis [Hamilton], which obviously was fantastic to watch on TV and for me to witness behind the cars.

“But at the beginning of the year, leaving the track was not allowed. It was very clear black and white. And now, leaving the track and keep flat out on the runoff area and keep fighting on the following corner, is allowed. So that's a completely different direction with what we have seen so far. So it will be very, very interesting to clear this up.”

Alonso believes there are also additional parts of what transpired at Silverstone, such as the green light given to drivers who were pushed off the track at the exit of corners, that he does not fully get.

“I think we have to talk,” he said. “Obviously, when you are side-by-side and you push someone out of the track, there are different scenarios and different manoeuvres, and different corners. So it is always more difficult to judge.

“But we have been told that the one thing that was very clear to police was the white line. And it was not in Silverstone

“I mean, I leave the track in Miami on one corner and I gain advantage for them [the FIA], and they have to imagine that I gain advantage because I give back all the advantage.

“Now it was a clear gaining of advantage, because you can fight on the next corner on the inside or outside. So that is evident. There was no punishment. So I'm very confused.”

Alonso made it clear that his queries about the racing regulations were intended to clarify what was and was not permitted, rather than as a criticism of the stewards' performance.

“They have a difficult job,” he said. “We need to all try to help them, so I'm not saying that it was right or wrong in Silverstone. What I'm saying is that we need to have a better idea and we are here to help them.

They are here to assist us and monitor the race. Therefore, we must ensure that everyone is on the same page."